Making sense of Employment Law
We recognise that employees will have different requirements. We can assist you in negotiating the best possible employment terms, including salary, benefits, service and consultancy agreements.
Where you need advice due to unfair treatment at work, we will work with you to ensure that your workplace is a fairer place to be in. We will always offer you the best solution for you personally, which may include taking your claim to the Employment Tribunal, or negotiating a settlement on your behalf.
We appreciate that employment law is bewildering for employees and that having problems at work, or losing your job, can be extremely upsetting.
Discrimination services
Our team is particularly interested in sex discrimination issues and has a great deal of experience in this area. Pregnancy should be one of the best times of your life. Unfortunately, our clients often experience discrimination for the first time in their life whilst pregnant at work, or on maternity leave.
A Fair Pregnancy at Work
Discrimination as a result of pregnancy comes in many forms.
You may be subjected to discriminatory remarks. You may be denied time off for ante-natal appointments. You may not receive a bonus or pay review that everyone else has received.
You may be passed over for promotion or denied training opportunities. You may even be made redundant when in fact your job is not really redundant. You may be dismissed for a false reason when in fact it is due to your pregnancy. These are matters that you will need our expert opinion on.
Taking The Time For Time Off
Once you are on maternity leave you may be discriminated against as a result of not being in the office. You may find on returning from maternity leave that your job has been made redundant without any consultation with you, or you may discover your job has been changed without your consent.
Have I Been Pushed Or Shoved?
If you are dismissed, made redundant, or pressurised to resign during your pregnancy, maternity leave or upon return to work, then you may have a claim for automatic unfair dismissal and sex discrimination
In addition, any changes to your duties or in your terms and conditions of employment during this time can also amount to constructive and unfair dismissal enabling you to resign and assert your legal rights.
We can advise you on any potential claim against your employer.
Women who are or have been pregnant are more protected from any change in their job role, unfair dismissals and redundancies than any other type of employee.
Time Limits
Most claims must be brought within three months from the date on which you were dismissed or discriminated against (or at the end of the period over which the discrimination took place). However, the three month rule is complicated and if more than three months have passed do not give up. Contact us for a preliminary free opinion.
We also deal with all other types of discrimination claims including race, age, disability, religious and part-time workers discrimination. We also deal with breach of contract claims, unfair dismissal claims and any other claims arising out of the employment law relationship.
Act now and contact us before it is too late.